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Pathfinder: Complete Winning Warrior

Pathfinder: Complete Winning Warrior

Let Battle Be Joined!


The fighting men have decided that they've had enough. The magic-users have dominated the dungeons and the battlefields, with more options and abilities than any mortal man.


These brave warriors stood on the front lines in defense of their allies with little to show for it than a pretty new magic weapon and a few new scars.

"We should stand tall and proud!" they called. "It's time to take up the sword and axe, spear and shield, bow and arrow, dagger and cloak, and take the fight to our foes' front lines!" And now they can, better than ever.


Within this document lies updated rules to make the fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger, paladin, and monk all viable front-line combatants, able to take and dish out like any champion!


In addition, new archetypes, newly revised rules for hit points and damage, and added ideas are included to break the sweat on your enemies' brows, regardless of CR! Now you can truly win the day with a warrior!

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