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Pathfinder: Expanded Classes: The Craftsman

Pathfinder: Expanded Classes: The Craftsman

Mixed nuts, and bolts!


We all want an artificer class for Pathfinder.  But if the Alchemist doesn't quite cut it for you, say hello to the Craftsman from Tipsy Tabby Publishing!


By creating a Defender, a golem after a sort that shields him from enemies, this class has plenty to work on in his spare time, and he has the tools to do so!


Spending time and effort on the Defender can give the Craftsman plenty of options in a fight,

but that's hardly his limit; he can also spend time creating magic items, and is naturally gifted with the Craft skill!


Roll up your sleeves, grab the screwdriver, saw, hammer, and fasteners – it's time to get your hands dirty as the Craftsman!

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