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Pathfinder: Expanded Classes: The Guardian

Pathfinder: Expanded Classes: The Guardian

If by my life, or death, I can protect you, I will.


Lend your sword, shield, and armor to a cause you believe in – the Guardian Base Class has come to Pathfinder, and she both strikes down foes and shields her allies from harm!


Bearing allies through fire, frost, and forest, this psychic class has access to minor spellcasting, much like the paladin, and wields both a weapon and the mighty aegis!


The aegis is an aura effect that protects the guardian's allies! Boost their AC and saves, mire an area with debilitating force, or create psychic retributive trauma in unwitting assailants!


Built on the foundations of the Winning Warrior series, the Guardian grants succor to the party in their hour of need!

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