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Pathfinder: Expanded Classes: The Invoker

Pathfinder: Expanded Classes: The Invoker

Pies Iesu Domine... (thunk)


Ever wanted to be a divine caster, with a bit less casting? Well too bad, because that's what you're getting with the Invoker, the new Base Class by Tipsy Tabby Publishing!


The invoker is one who channels divine energy into mantras, speaking holy words to boost, protect, and heal his allies! For the invoker, prayers have tangible effects on the world around him!


Because an invoker can only channel so much divine energy in a given time, he also learns to defend himself and his friends in battle, to better give them the bulwark of his divine path!


Built on the foundations of the Winning Warrior series, this is one priest who can really preach the faith!

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