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Pathfinder: Killer Kineticists

Pathfinder: Killer Kineticists

Elementary, my dear Watson!


Shoot fire and stone from your fingers, run rivers and gales into armies, and bring the life and death of aether and void to bear, with the redesigned Kineticist from Tipsy Tabby Publishing!


The Kineticist is fine the way Paizo designed it, but it could still use just a little bit more time in the still. The hope is that this new distillation of the same wine will bring more to the table!


The five Elements of the original class are now six in number, swiping ideas from both Paizo supplements and real world occultism. We folded Wood into Aether and made Void a core Element, with Aether and Void diametrically opposed, yet similar and equally important.


In addition, various kinetic blasts are redesigned, and the importance of burn reworked to meet the standards of the Winning Warriors classes. With the power of the world's natural energies at your fingertips, get ready to...


Master your magics!

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