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Pathfinder: Winning Warrior Extra: The Ninja

Pathfinder: Winning Warrior Extra: The Ninja

We graduated from Ninja Tech!


The ninja class, from Ultimate Combat, was written as an alternative to the rogue and almost designed as an early hybrid class, designed from the rogue and monk. And who doesn't like that idea?


We at Tipsy Tabby Publishing have decided on one last hurrah for the Winning Warriors series, and we're putting the ninja class on our surgeon's table!


The new ninja has the ki pool system from the monk, and the backstabbing skills of the rogue.  Instead of relying on flanking and trickery, the ninja chooses a victim, and until their quarry dies or escapes, the ninja gains additional dice of damage against them!


Ninja tricks return with new abilities, including some that are outright supernatural! Use of poisons, short-range teleportation, and long-range attacks of earth and wind fill out your arsenal, letting you, once again...


Win the day – with a warrior!

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