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The Definitive Kobold

The Definitive Kobold

Go Big!  Go Bold!  Or Go Home!


Kobolds in D&D 3.x and later, and in Pathfinder, are basically the scrappy underdogs of the Material Plane. They're seen as pests, much like goblins, and worse as prideful-yet-cowardly braggarts who seek to assert their draconic heritage, their shared blood with the dragons they inevitably worship.


But enough of that nonsense.


The PDF you now bear contains a new interpretation of these dracophilic creatures gifted a mere 1/3 CR.  Within is a pantheon of dragon gods, myths, and heroes of their faith; a redefined culture of hard work and loyalty; and even some physiological and psychological updates to explain their society, ideals, and values.


But that's not everything you'll find. You'll also discover two separate systems for kobold statistics – one for 5e D&D, and one for Pathfinder – and a few racial feats and new spells for each system.


Will you be 'Bold, or will you be some monster's lunch?

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