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The Fifth Ed Chop Shop

The Fifth Ed Chop Shop

We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster. Better.

It's time to see what 5e is really made of: come to the Tipsy Tabby Publishing Chop Shop!

Within this PDF, peruse new rules for your 5e game! Bring back the days of 2e and 1e with redesigned EXP rules; give some more oomph to backgrounds; and overhaul the way AC and hit points work entirely!

Less drastic changes include adding power to lower-level spells automatically; making the bad spells work much better; and major improvements to the Fighting Styles used by the Fighter, Paladin, and Ranger!

Sand off the old paint, slap on a new coat and some wax, and plug in that new supercharged engine; it's time to make 5e roar when you rev!

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