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Tipsy Trips: A Talented Tree

Tipsy Trips: A Talented Tree

Wood you believe it?!


Give your PCs dendrophobia in A Talented Tree, the new adventure from Tipsy Tabby Publishing!

Almost a century ago, a druid with evil in his heart died, and a sapling planted on his grave. It was slowly imbued with his dark magics. The other trees died out, but the cursed tree remained...and awakened.


In awakening, it came to develop an intellect with psychic powers and a madness born from lack of contact with other sentient beings. Eventually, the tree's form took on a twisted look, and a mage tried to detect magic on it. That mage's mind was struck by the tree through their magical connection, and she became its puppet.


With the mage's body and the tree's psychic power, the nearby village of Tenneson was overwhelmed and made into similar mind-slaves, using the mage's power with its own to do it all.


Enter our heroes – who just might be struck down by...A Talented Tree?


An adventure for Pathfinder 1st Edition, designed for four 4th-level player characters.

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