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Tipsy Trips: Mistress of the Mountain

Tipsy Trips: Mistress of the Mountain

She's a man eater!


Deep in the Frostfang Mountains, where the legendary Tyrus slew the dread White Dragon Falvanax, the cold is blowing in, and the dead walk...or rather, float above the ground!


This adventure sees the heroes protecting a caravan during a harsh storm in the mountains, when they are ambushed by frosty undead who serve their mistress in the deep snows!


As the snowy hillside collapses under the weight of the fight, the heroes lose their employers, and find a cavern with more icy undead to bring to the ground...including the yuki-onna who first lured them to their shallow, snow-ridden graves!


Can your heroes successfully banish this cursed frosty spirit, or are they doomed to serve...the Mistress of the Mountain?


An adventure for Pathfinder, written for 4 6th-level characters

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